CACV present the Smart City Kiosks by Peerless-AV

Affichage dynamique
Smart City Kiosks

Replace static signage with Peerless-AV’s award-winning Smart City Kiosk, which allows you to seamlessly change digital content whenever, where ever. The included Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display is IP68 Rated, meaning the display is fully sealed and weatherproof. The Xtreme display also offers full HD1080p resolution for a bright crisp, picture, even in direct sunlight. The Smart City Kiosk features a curved, modular design that seamlessly blends into any environment, and offers quick access to the display for maintenance without distributing any adjacent units. Plus, installation is easy, without the need for cranes or forklifts, and a 10-point IR touch overlay makes the kiosk interactive for all users.
– Elegant, minimalistic design covers, protects and ventilates displays and equipment
– Practical, modular design to maintain or replace displays quickly
– No additional layer of glass needed between display and enclosure, eliminating glare
– Wind tested up to 140 mph
– Upgrade your Smart City Kiosk with a IP65 10 Point IR Touch Overlay Accessory
– Add on a base to make a free standing unit